Nanophotonic Materials Group
CREOL The College of Optics & Photonics
20 November 2017 Nick Kosan wins the Astronaut Scholarship!
16 November 2017 Dr. Kuebler and student-leaders at UCF and FIT meet to plan the Third-Annual Florida Chemistry Conclave.
10 April 2017 Congratulations to Nick for winning the Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award and obtaining a RAMP Fellowship!
7 April 2016 Nick Kosan gives a presentation at SURE
20 October 2015 Dr. Kuebler gives a presentation at Frontiers in Optics
9 October 2015 Rashi gives a presentation at FIMS
21 April 2015 Casey and Rashi give lab tour to Hagerty students
2 April 2015 Daniel and Gerald present at SURE 2015
20 March 2015 The Kuebler group bends light with spatially variant photonic crystals
4 March 2015 Congratulations to Gerald for winning the very prestigious “Order of the Pegasus” award!
8 February 2015 Jennefir Digaum and Casey Schwarz present their research at Photonics West 2015
5 January 2015 The group welcomes Robert Katims to the team!
1 January 2015 Happy New Year! 2015 was proclaimed the "International Year of Light".
1 December 2014 Anna and Gerald are nominated for the Order of the Pegasus.
13 November 2014 Jennefir presents research at FOCUS.
26 September 2014 Rashi passed her Candidacy Examination in Ph.D. in Chemistry.
24 September 2014 Kuebler-Group member selected for UCF's Homecoming Court!
8 September 2014 The Kuebler-Group publication gets the cover of Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics.
26 August 2014 Anna was recognized as the winner of the August 2014 Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Reward.
23 August 2014 Anna has accepted internship with Flex Optronix.
21 August 2014 Dr. Kuebler gave an invited talk at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
7 August 2014 Aadit Vyas and Gerald Richardson complete summer research.
1 July 2014 Dr. Anirrudha Dutta successfully defended his dissertation.
17 June 2014 Women in Research: Paths to Successful Careers.
9 June 2014 Dr. Kuebler with Vivek Kumar and his parents.
21 May 2014 Gerald Richardson meets with Florida Governer Rick Scott and UCF President Dr. John Hitt.
The Nanophotonic Materials (NPM) Group focuses on discovering and developing new materials, processes, and devices for optical and photonic applications. We are particularly interested in:
  • Developing new nano-composites having useful optical and electronic function.
  • Patterning materials and devices on nanometer and micrometer length scales.
  • Techniques for 3D nano- and micro-fabrication.
  • Solar energy materials and devices.
Dr. Stephen Kuebler
Physical Sciences 347
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