Nanophotonic Materials Group
CREOL The College of Optics & Photonics
Undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral research training
Classroom instruction at the graduate and undergraduate levels
Outreach to students in Greater Orlando middle-, high school, and community colleges.

Classroom Instruction

Dr. Kuebler teaches the courses listed below on a rotating basis throughout the academic year. Access the UCF Course Catalog to find out when a particular course is being taught.
CHM 2046 Chemistry Fundamentals II undergraduate level
CHM 2046H Honors Chemistry Fundamentals II undergraduate level
CHM 2046L Chemistry Fundamentals Laboratory undergraduate level
CHM 3411L Physical Chemistry Laboratory undergraduate level
CHM 6711 Chemistry of Materials graduate level
CHM 6620 Solid-State Inorganic Chemistry graduate level

Some teaching materials for these courses are distributed electronically via WebCourses.

2008 UCF Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Dr. Kuebler receiving a 2008 UCF Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award.
2005 Outstanding Teacher of the Year Dr. Kuebler receiving the 2005 Outstanding Teacher of the Year award from the Orlando Chapter of the American Chemical Society.

Britt Torrance NPM-Group researcher Britt Torrance honored as UCF's Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Student for 2003/2004.
Inorganic Chemistry Dr. Kuebler's first group of students: Inorganic Chemistry Lab (CHM 4610L, 2003)
Dr. Kuebler has also mentored interns from the UCF Institute for Simulation and Training. During this internship, students created rendered animations that illustrate concepts in NPM Group research. The animations are used for outreach presentations and graduate training, and some of these can be downloaded from the research page.

Educational Outreach

Former NPM Group member Marco Melino teaching students in the "Science Seminar" course at Seminole State College about his research in nanophotonics (6 October 2008, Maitland, FL). This outreach encounter included hands-on demonstrations that illustrated concepts in physics and optics, including interference and diffraction.
The NPM group has developed an outreach program designed to encourage Greater Orlando middle-, high school, and community college students to engage in their own science education and consider pursuing careers in science and engineering for themselves. The program is based on peer-to-peer learning encounters in which undergraduates and graduates from the NPM group visit local science classrooms and teach students about their research in materials chemistry, optics, photonics, and nanotechnology. The encounters include hands-on activities that enable students to explore concepts used in our research. Presentation content is coordinated in advance with classroom instructors to support the Sunshine State Standards curriculum. Participating classes are also invited to visit our laboratories to see our research environment first-hand. A specially formed advisory council stewards the outreach, assisting with program content, classroom presentations, activities, and assessment. A fundamental premise of the outreach is that students are more likely to become interested in science and invested in their own learning when they see that concepts they study are used by their peers in frontier research, particularly in emerging fields, such as nanotechnology.

Our outreach collaborators include: Members of the outreach advisory council members include: To arrange an outreach visit or learn more about the program, please contact Dr. Stephen M. Kuebler.
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